Table of contents

  1. Save Battery Life

  2. Generate Random Passwords with Siri

  3. Use Headphone to Capture Picture

  4. Use Siri to Send Message and Make Calls

  5. Stop Music with Timer

  6. Change Panorama Shooting Direction

iPhone and other iOS devices like iPod and iPad come with sophisticated platform that has so many hidden and unusual features that most of the people don’t even know about. Let’s talk about some unusual things you can do on your iPhone.

Save Battery Life

iphone battery

iPhone is very different to Android and other devices as it uses battery juice very efficiently. However if you find yourself in a situation where your iPhone battery is running out and you need it then turn off few things to give it couple of more hours. These features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Services, 3G, LTE, Vibrations and Auto Brightness.

Generate Random Passwords with Siri

siri password

We all know Siri can do a lot of things and you can also use this digital assistant to generate random passwords for your new accounts created on websites or mobile apps. For example you can say, “Create a 6 digit random password” and Siri would create that password for you. Of course you need to specify the length of required password.

Use Headphone to Capture Picture

headphones photo

You can use your iPhone headphones to capture pictures. This is a great feature to take group picture as selfie and all you have do is press the volume up and down buttons on your headphone cord to capture pictures.

Use Siri to Send Message and Make Calls

siri calls

You can use Siri to send messages and make calls. All you have to do is use commands like “call”, “make call”, “send message”, “text”, “reply” and similar ones and Siri would understand. For example, you can say “reply to Sarah I will be there at 5” and Siri would send that message.

Stop Music with Timer

music timer

The clock app on iPhone comes with built in timer and stop watch feature. You can use the timer to stop music after that time interval. For example, you can select 20 minutes and select the option “turn off music” to turn off the music after that time.

Change Panorama Shooting Direction

iphone panorama

By tapping on the arrow while in the Panorama mode, you can actually change the direction of your Panorama image from right to left or vice versa. This option may come in handy in some situations where you need different directions.

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