Table of contents

  1. Use Official App Store

  2. Use Strong Passwords

  3. Use VPN Connection

  4. Delete Unwanted Apps

Android and iOS are two most popular mobile operating systems nowadays with billions of devices all over the globe. iOS is generally considered safer than its counterparts because of strong integration of hardware and software. Here are some tips and tricks to make your Android device safe.

Use Official App Store

Unlike iOS, Android users have freedom to install apps and games from unofficial sources too. For example, you can download and install apps from unofficial app stores like Amazon App Store or BlackMart. Additionally, you can directly install APK files too. These practices can cause security vulnerabilities as you don’t know what infected code or malware would be in apps downloaded from unofficial sources. Google Play Store has highest possible security standards and they scan millions of apps everyday to make sure there are safe and legitimate. So, always download apps from Google Play Store.

Use Strong Passwords

That’s no brainer; always use strong passwords everywhere. Whether it is your Gmail account or your phone security lock, using obvious passwords like your dog’s name or birthday are not recommended. Especially if you store valuable and sensitive data like personal or financial information on the device, you need to be extra careful. Latest Android devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and others come with biometric sensor. Use your finger print as security code wherever you can. In case you don’t have this security option, use at least 8 digits passwords.

Use VPN Connection

Finally people are realizing the importance of their online privacy and anonymity. Although it is recommended to use VPN connection all the time to ensure no one is eavesdropping on your web activities, but it is highly recommended to use VPN connections while using public networks and Hotspots. This way you can prevent cyber criminals and other entities to see your web activities.

Delete Unwanted Apps

Unwanted apps not only reduce the overall performance of your device and occupy valuable storage space but they also possess security risks. Make sure you delete unwanted apps as soon as possible. Of course you can download them again from the Google Play Store whenever you want. As for the built-in apps that cannot be deleted, you can disable them from the device. In order to disable a preinstalled app, go to its information page and you would find “disable” button below the uninstall button.

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