block websites iphone

In order to enhance privacy and restricting your children or others from viewing some specific websites on your iPhone safari/ chrome with IOS 7/8 you can use the following method.

  1. Go to the setting tab and open it.
  2. Click on general and second click on restrictions.
  3. Under restriction tab you will see website button, click on it and you will be provided with various websites.
  4. Select the option of add a website and enter the names of websites you want to block.
  5. After entering the websites and URLs enter a password.
  6. You can add a title like “” for blocked and restricted websites and URLs.
  7. If you select the option of “specific websites only”. User of your phone will be able to open only the specified websites.

In an apple device you can set your default search engine and block or restrict immature/adult content and unhealthy websites. You can select Google, Yahoo or Bingo as your default search engine. Setting up a passcode while adding websites can be a good step for your phone’s security. Additionally you can install mSpy software which efficiently blocks/ restricts unhealthy web content and explicit various excellent features like monitoring, filtering, tracking, scheduling and locking up iPhone. mSpy provides its users with an ease of installation and management.

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