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How to Block Pokemon Go on your Kid’s Android or iOS Device

It is truly amazing what we are achieving in the world of technology day in and day out. New ideas are being implemented every day in a number of fields. Mobile technology is also advancing at a staggering pace. Last year was the year of wearable technology and virtual reality. This year might just be the year of a singular game; Pokémon Go. Continue reading “How to Block Pokemon Go on your Kid’s Android or iOS Device”

Facebook Parental Controls

Advancement in technology has made our lifestyle leisurely and internet is a big platform where everybody can find anything of his interest. As there are positive aspects of social networks there are negative ones also. If your child uses social media like Facebook, you must supervise all his activities because there are chances that your underage kid watches inappropriate adult content. For the security of your child from harmful effects of Facebook you can use following steps as parental controls. Continue reading “Facebook Parental Controls”

How to Track iPhone Without an App

Tracking an iPhone

Tracking a handset was very difficult few decades back but with the improvement in technology it has become very easy for a person to track his iPad or iPhone without using any tracking app. iPhone is an expensive handset with lot of updated features and settings. If anybody has lost his iPhone, he can trace it and lock it with a simple app which can be easily downloaded from official app store of iPhone and is available by the name of Find my iPhone app. Continue reading “How to Track iPhone Without an App”

What is the Best Skype Spy App Compatible with my Phone?

It’s not easy being completely relaxed in today’s world, especially with the onslaught of smartphones that are making it so much easier for children to fall into trouble, employees to commit fraud, and couples to cheat on one another. This kind of behavior is only made even more frequent thanks to social media and communication apps like Facebook and Skype. Giving the users a chance to call and message each other for free, Skype makes it very hard for people to trust each other, especially if you keep walking in on someone who hurriedly closes the Skype app on their phone. Continue reading “What is the Best Skype Spy App Compatible with my Phone?”

Spy on your Girlfriend Online with Mobile Monitoring Software

Maybe your girlfriend is acting distant towards you all of a sudden, lying to you and hiding things from you, maybe she’s grown careless and forgets to tell you where she is or if she’s okay, or maybe you’re just the kind of guy who likes to be in the loop at all times. No matter what the case, you can have many reasons to want to keep tabs on her smartphone and track her activities remotely. If this is the case, then you’re in luck. Where the modern world has given us a lot to worry about and make us doubtful of our partners’ loyalties, it has also given us a way to keep an eye on them to be sure. The solution comes in the form of mobile monitoring software that can be used to find out whatever you want to know about your girlfriend’s activities. Continue reading “Spy on your Girlfriend Online with Mobile Monitoring Software”