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We live in a word where we have the need to know what people are doing while on their cell phones. Most specifically, as parents and employers, people need to know what is going on with their children and employees. One of the easiest ways to find out what they are doing, aside from asking them, which does not always get us the information that we are after, is to install spyware software on their cell phones. Thankfully, in the times that we live in, a number of different spyware software programs are available for purchase. The following is a Spybubble review to give users a heads up on what they can expect from using this software.

Spybubble is a spy software that following a simple download and easy installation process will allow the user to monitor the activity that is performed on the target device. Built with an easy to understand user interface and an assortment of features, the user can target specific activities that phone user performs. The best part about Spybubble is that it is virtually undetectable so the target phone user will never know about the installation of the software unless they notified.


Here is a sampling of the Spybubble features that are available.

  • GPS tracking
  • Access to photos
  • Access to the devices contact list
  • Call logs
  • Instant messaging logs
  • Text messaging logs

Benefits of Spybubble

Parents, for example, will have the ability to see if their children are talking to people that can negatively influence their behavior. By having access to things, such as their instant messaging logs, parents can see the sort of activities that kids are taking part in when they are away from home. According to some Spybubble reviews, employers have been able to determine that employees were sharing private information and data, with other competitors, thus costing the company money and clients.

It is important to note in this Spybubble review, iPhone users have no issues using the software on their devices.  This is because the software was created with the majority of phone users in mind. Knowing that a wide range of phones can use the software should add peace of mind for anyone that needs to know what their children or employees are doing.

In other mobile spy reviews across the web users of Spybubble praise the software for the ease of use and how effective the software is on the target device. With so many fantastic features, affordable prices, and compatibility with a wide array of phones, Spybubble is one of the best spysoftware programs to choose from, and this is the consensus in far more than just Spybubble reviews. There is no question if you are looking for access to information on someone’s phone, and you do not want them aware of the fact, then getting a quality spyware software, like Spybubble is the way to go.


  1. If my wife is the primary on the account will it alert her phone? When I tried find my iphone app it alerted her phone was being monitored by my phone. Also this info will come as a text, email, ? Will it show up on our phone bill? Thanks

    1. Hi Dave,

      The app works discreetely, so you don’t need to worry about being noticed while monitoring.

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