Advancement in technology has made our lifestyle leisurely and internet is a big platform where everybody can find anything of his interest. As there are positive aspects of social networks there are negative ones also. If your child uses social media like Facebook, you must supervise all his activities because there are chances that your underage kid watches inappropriate adult content. For the security of your child from harmful effects of Facebook you can use following steps as parental controls.

  • Login to your child account from the device he/she uses and select Account Settings and then click on
  • Privacy settings OR view settings.
  • You will be provided with multiple options in settings tab select the option according to your choice.
  • Who can send you messages.
  • Who can send you friend request.
  • Who can see your education and work
  • Who can see your current city or hometown
  • Who can see your likes, activities and other connections

While doing privacy settings on the page when you go through the tab of sharing on Facebook/ who can see the content you share you must select the option Friends only. Due to the above settings only the people in your friend list will be able to see your shared content. Secondly click on Customize settings and select friends only to all the given options. For your photos and videos click on Edit privacy settings and select the option you find suitable.

Facebook offers the option of removing/blocking the person you don’t want to show your pictures or anything you share. For more accurate monitoring you can install mSpy software in your device and can monitor all the activities of your children when you are not able to watch them. mSpy not only monitors but filters the nasty content and saves your child from getting involved in unhealthy activities.

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