More and more types of malware threaten our Android phones; this is the reason why we need to take all the necessary measurements to protect it. There are several things you can do about this issue, so you can keep your personal information safe on your phone.

Use only legit app stores!

Whenever you want to download an application to your smart phone, you must do this operation only through the reputable and trustworthy app stores, such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google or other manufacturers that you can totally rely on. Such app stores are continuously monitored and protected against frauds, so there are no way you could risk your phone to malicious behavior.

Pay attention to your settings!

Android smart phones have complex and sophisticated settings that monitor every app you want to download on your phone. These settings warn you every time you risk downloading a fraud program on your mobile phone. Whenever there is an update to any of your apps, it is highly recommended to install the updated version on your mobile phone. This is a very important step in keeping your phone safe all the time. If you haven`t done that so far, it is time to start updating!

Use antivirus apps for your phone!

If you are looking for the extra protection of your mobile phone, all you need to do is visit Google Play App Store that represents the home of hundreds of antivirus apps. However, finding the right antivirus app that you are looking for can be sometimes difficult. If you are looking for the most trusted brands, you could choose antivirus apps, like Norton, Sophos or Avast from the long list. The performance of these professional antivirus apps is over average against malware, so you can always stay relaxed and on the safe side.

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