Track Android Phone
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  1. The Platform Matters

  2. No Root, No Hassle

  3. SMS, Internet, Location, and More

So you’ve decided that you need to monitor someone’s smartphone. The reasons can be many, differing from person to person. You may be a parent worried that your children are being careless with their personal information on social media like Facebook or are sending provocative photos or videos of themselves to people over apps like Snapchat, or you may be an employer who doesn’t like that his or her employees waste time on the job logging into their online social lives.

Whatever it may be, the reasons to monitor someone’s phone activities are many. So if you have made up your mind that you need to track someone’s phone, you need to understand how you may be able to do it.

The Platform Matters

The first thing to note is that tracking different operating systems is not the same. While the best way to track anyone’s phone is to use a quality spy app, these usually don’t work exactly the same way on different operating systems. If your target has an iPhone, you have to make sure that a jailbreak has been performed on it to take full advantage of the spy software. However, spying on an Android phone is so easy that it may just surprise you.

No Root, No Hassle

Unlike iPhones, you do not need to have root access to an Android device to track it. The process of tracking an Android phone is very simple. You have to simply buy a good smartphone tracker that works with Android, which most of them do, and install it on the target phone. That is it. You just need to physically access the device once to install the app on it, and then you’re good to go!

SMS, Internet, Location, and More

Once you’ve done this, the app starts working on its own. You have to make a secure account with the app where it transfers all that it gathers from the target phone for you to review. Most apps track SMS, call logs, emails, location, contacts etc. Some can even block access to websites and apps, and even wipe away everything from the device.

So the app you choose for your tracking needs will depend on your needs. While a parent would be content with simple features, an employer might want to invest in something more advanced, and some people can even use it for spying on their significant others. Whatever your choice, a spy app is definitely the easiest way to track a non-rooted Android device.

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