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With the amount of applications available today that claim to help you spy on someone’s phone, it is hard to decide which one to choose. Many apps seem good on paper but don’t live up to the expectations.

If you need to spy on someone’s phone, for any reason, you should give SpyBubble a try.

SpyBubble – The All Around Spy App

No matter what your spying needs are, from keeping your children’s smartphone usage in check to monitoring a cheating spouse, SpyBubble has features that can help you achieve what you want.

Full of Features:

SpyBubble provides a lot of features for an affordable price. These include:

  • List of messages, send and received.
  • Call history, including the number of calls made to each number.
  • Phone locations via GPS, including history of location plotted on a map.
  • Instant messaging tracking, including apps like WhatsApp and iMessage.
  • Photos and Videos.
  • List of incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Ability to send remote commands to control some aspects of the phone.

Highly Compatible:

The mark of any good spy app is its compatibility. You cannot call a monitoring app good if it works only with one or two major platforms and overlooks every other user. SpyBubble works with Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian to provide the best experience across platforms.

Guidance Guaranteed:

Many people don’t really understand how to get started with using a spy app, so SpyBubble provides easy to understand quick start guides. On top of that, users also get access to SpyBubble’s amazing technical support in case of any problems.

Affordable and Discreet:

And finally, we come to price. Highly affordable at only $49.97 for a three month subscription, the app is completely undetectable by the user being monitored. This makes it one of the best apps one can use to spy on someone with peace of mind, while also not compromising on price and quality.



    1. Yep, it’s the only thing you need to do. After the client app is installed, everything is transferred to your control panel.

    1. Unfortunately tracking Whatsapp messages (as well as Viber, Snapchat and others) is only possible on rooted Android devices.

  1. do I need to have access to the phone I am “spying’ on to install something on it in order to use SpyBubble?

    1. Yes – in order to set up the monitoring process, you need one time physical access to the monitored device for installing a client app. After that no access is required.

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