Table of contents

  1. Why Read Someone’s Facebook Messages? 

  2. Parental Control

  3. Unfaithful Spouses

  4. Company Interests

  5. SpyBubble — The Most Reliable Facebook Spy Solution 

  6. What Can You Track With SpyBubble?

  7. How to Install SpyBubble Facebook Tracker?

  8. How to Spy on Facebook Messages for Free Without the Phone? 

  9. Reset Their Facebook Password

  10. Use a Keylogger 

  11. Try Phishing

  12. Use Their Smartphones

  13. Conclusion 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps with 2.8 billion monthly active users. Your family is on Facebook, your friends are on Facebook, and even your neighbor’s cat is on Facebook as well.  Most people started using Facebook in order to always stay in touch with friends. However, such a social media platform quickly turned into a place to talk with strangers that may be unsafe for your kids. Facebook also became the place where cheaters find online affairs and where your employees may be spending working hours instead of performing. That’s why it might be best to spy on them to see things for yourself before they get out of hand. Since your targets are active Facebook users, half the job is done already — you know where they’re most likely holding their secrets. The other half can be a challenging feat, though. If you Google “How to spy on someone’s Facebook messages,” you’ll get loads of results showing a variety of methods, and it can be pretty challenging to find one that’s best suited for you. In this guide, we’ve put together the simplest, cost-effective ways to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing.

Read Others Facebook Messages

Why Read Someone’s Facebook Messages? 

track texts Facebook has one of the largest and most diverse user bases among social media outlets. People engage in all kinds of Facebook activities, from professional meetings to casual discussions, hobbies, and lots more. As such, learning how to spy on Facebook messages can help you deal with a wide range of situations, and the following are the most common reasons why you might be interested in Facebook spying.

Parental Control

Many youngsters are pretty tech-savvy. They know how to hide tier secrets online from their parents’ and guardians’ prying eyes. By keeping track of their Facebook activities, you’ll most likely get wind of any inappropriate activity and regulate their screen time to ensure they don’t get hooked to Facebook at their studies’ expense.

Unfaithful Spouses

Do you know all your spouse’s Facebook friends? Would you like to know why your girlfriend giggles now and then when reading Facebook messages? Does she sometimes tuck her phone away when you walk in on her? If your spouse is cheating on you, there’s an excellent chance that you might find clues of their secret affair on Facebook. You might either find your husband chatting up with the secret lover or talking about a secret affair with his friends.

Company Interests

Some 75% of employees steal from their workplace at least once. If it isn’t physical goods, it can be software or intellectual property. If your employees steal from you, there’s a good chance they might mention it on Facebook either to involve potential buyers or friends and accomplices. Monitoring your employees’ Facebook activities can also help you check for unethical behaviors. As your business’s faces and voices, you need to ensure that your employees model your organization’s values and principles wherever they go in public, including online. 

SpyBubble — The Most Reliable Facebook Spy Solution 

spybubble app If you want to track someone’s Facebook messages for any one of the reasons above, you can count on SpyBubble — a versatile, highly reliable Facebook chat spy app. It uncovers just about every Facebook activity of the target without leaving any clue behind. SpyBubble lets you track all sent, received, deleted messages, and view shared content. It’s versatile not only because it tracks all activities but also because it works on several operating systems, from Android to iOS and BlackBerry. It works the same way across all these devices, with untraceable, round-the-clock operations. SpyBubble comes with a sleek user interface that supports a seamless user experience, allowing you to spy like a pro even if you have zero prior experience with spying. You can activate various spying features and also receive periodic updates from the comfort of your couch with just about any smart device or computer at your disposal. You can install the app on your target’s phone and run the monitoring campaign remotely without physically handling the target phone. 

What Can You Track With SpyBubble?

SpyBubble weaves together a variety of Facebook tracking features on a straightforward, intuitive user interface. From start to finish, you can execute your monitoring campaign without breaking a sweat with SpyBubble. Once you install SpyBubble on the target phone, you can deploy any of the app’s Facebook spy features on your own smart device, including those for tracking:

  • All messages on Messenger: SpyBubble lets you see all incoming and outgoing messages on Facebook Messenger. With it, you’ll always be aware of what your loved ones are up to.
  • Facebook secret conversations: With such an app, you can uncover any secret conversation, even if their secret friend uses a disguise.
  • Deleted messages: The app allows you to stay one step ahead of your targets and read messages they thought they deleted forever.
  • Media files: With SpyBubble, you can see every file they download or upload on Facebook.

How to Install SpyBubble Facebook Tracker?

As noted earlier, the process of installing and using SpyBubble is a cakewalk for all compatible devices. You can breeze through the whole process with these 4 quick steps. 

Step 1. Create Your SpyBubble Account

Head over to SpyBubble’s official website and take a few moments to register an account. For this, you’ll need only a valid email.

Step 2. Purchase a Subscription

After creating your account, you’ll be presented with several subscription options, all tailored to specific spying needs. Choose the one that best fits your needs, and proceed to checkout.

Step 3. Download and Install SpyBubble

You’ll receive a confirmation mail in the email address you provided laying out details on how to proceed with your download and installation. For iOS phones, you can set up the spy app on the target’s device remotely — all you need is the credentials to their active iCloud account. For Android phones, you might need to grab the phone for a few seconds to install it manually.

Step 4. Start Spying on Facebook

That’s it; you can slide out your smartphone from your pocket anytime to check up on what your target is up to on Facebook on your SpyBubble dashboard. 

Spy on Facebook

How to Spy on Facebook Messages for Free Without the Phone? 

facebook messenger
So, you like the idea of effortless spying campaigns with SpyBubble, but that’s a luxury you probably can’t afford now. No worries, as there are a few free methods that can also help you get wind of your loved one’s Facebook secrets.
With a slice of luck, you might be able to use them to pull off a smooth, successful operation and not need to fork out cash for a SpyBubble subscription.

Reset Their Facebook Password

The idea here is to sub their Facebook password with yours. If they’re always logged into Facebook on their device, they’ll simply continue using their account without knowing their password has been changed. To do this, you must ensure that you have access to the email or phone number they used to register their Facebook account (all the better if the phone they use for Facebook also runs the phone number or email), and then follow the steps below:

  1. Log them out of Facebook, go to “Reset password” on the login page, and then follow the reset instructions.
  2. Leave them logged in with the new password. 
  3. Log into their account with the new password on your device and start spying.

Use a Keylogger 

Keyloggers intercept every single key pressed on a phone. From the report of the keys your targets press on their phones, you’ll be able to map out details of their Facebook activities. You can even capture their Facebook credentials and then log in to their accounts from your phone.

Try Phishing

Phishing is one of the most complex Facebook spying techniques that require steep technical expertise. The idea is to clone the Facebook login page and lure your target to log into their Facebook account through it. Once they use the phishing site to log in, you can collect their Facebook credentials. If you don’t have the skills and aren’t prepared to learn how to spy on someone’s Facebook message with phishing sites, you can hire a professional phisher. But that could prove costlier and more complex than using a Facebook spy app like SpyBubble. 

Use Their Smartphones

You can simply grab their phones to read their Facebook messages. There’s a good chance that their Facebook app will be opened and logged into by the time you grab the phone. You just need to come up with an innocent excuse to use their phone or grab it when they leave it behind to go to the bathroom or kitchen. Pick up the phone and read up on as much as you can.


There are myriads of ways to spy on Facebook, all suited to specific spying needs. We’ve shown you the simplest, inexpensive methods that are suitable for any technical skill level. With SpyBubble, you can roll out a spying campaign without breaking a sweat. But if you don’t have a few bucks to flip on SpyBubble, you can try out the free methods. If you have the stomach for onerous technical procedures or have sticky hands that can grab your target’s phone without them noticing, you can pull off a quick operation successfully without paying for anything.

  1. SpyBubble is a great way to spy on someone’s Facebook messages without getting caught. The password reset method didn’t get me very far in my attempts, but SpyBubble was much more successful.

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