The global marketplace is changing and so are the companies and organizations; the industry is so much competitive now and employers are willing to go to any limit to win the race that means ethics have become a passive thing. It is a common trend to hire someone from your competitor’s company or organization to get your hands on confidential information and data from your competitive companies. Now, it is solely employers’ responsibility to protect their companies from this kind of threats.

Why do you need to monitor your employees?

As an employer you are responsible for the integrity of your company or organization and that’s why you have to do unusual things too in order to protect your company and that includes monitoring all the activities of your employees if necessary.

Is it legal to use monitoring apps?

It is not legal to spy on any person per se without his/her consent but if you want to monitor your employees then you can easily add that to the employment contract for their acknowledgment and issue them company’s devices like smartphones and tablets that are being monitored.

SpyBubble Features:

SpyBubble comes with many features that you need to monitor all the activities on the target devices. First of all you have to install SpyBubble on the device, for this you must have physical access to the target device for few minutes because you cannot install SpyBubble or any other app remotely on a device. After the installation process, you can control and monitor the target device’s acitvity (like Snapchat messages) from the web portal company provides at the time of purchase.

SpyBubble can do calls monitoring, messages monitoring, emails and IMs monitoring as well as GPS location tracking that is a must have feature in any monitoring and tracking app.

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