Track Facebook Messenger with SpyBubble

There are many reasons due to which employees at a firm can get lazy or less productive. One of the primary reasons in today’s world is the excessive use of their smartphones. They indulge in texting their friends or checking their emails or social accounts for long periods of time, which leads to unhappy employers.

IM Applications are a Culprit

One of the reasons why smartphone usage has increased is because of IM applications. Among other notable names is Facebook Messenger, the smartphone app by one of the world’s largest social platforms. The ability to talk to their friends whenever they want for completely free is something many employees waste their work time in.

Tracking Facebook Messenger is Easier with SpyBubble

SpyBubble, a leading smartphone monitoring app, makes it easy and simple to track Facebook Messenger activities. It can be installed on any phone, including iPhones and Androids as well as Blackberry phones, without any hassle and starts working instantly. You can finally see when a lazy employee starts sending someone messages with Facebook Messenger, and intervene to let them know that you can what they are doing.

Informing Employees May Help Even More

If you tell your employees that their devices are going to be monitored, they will start using them lesser on their own. That reaction, coupled with the monitoring powers of SpyBubble, will ensure that they are more productive in the office. SpyBubble can help you track many aspects of a phone. You can also find out if an employee is plotting fraud against your company by monitoring their text messages, emails, locations and more. The app costs only $49.97, which is not a big amount seeing how it can help you get more work done in the office.