Table of contents

  1. Tracking an iPhone

  2. iCloud service

  3. Find your iPhone through browser

  4. Erase/Lost mode

Tracking an iPhone

Tracking a handset was very difficult few decades back but with the improvement in technology it has become very easy for a person to track his iPad or iPhone without using any tracking app. iPhone is an expensive handset with lot of updated features and settings. If anybody has lost his iPhone, he can trace it and lock it with a simple app which can be easily downloaded from official app store of iPhone and is available by the name of Find my iPhone app.

iCloud service

icloud image

Find my iPhone app is linked to iCloud service and if somebody has not installed this app in his/her device then you still don’t need to worry. iCloud service can be availed without installing the app to find your phone. With your apple id contingents and a browser you can find your phone. If you have a doubt that your device is locked or off then you might be aware of the feature Activation lock that is present in IOS7 and it prevents people from locking or turning your phone off if they don’t know the apple id password.

Find your iPhone through browser

To find your lost or stolen iPhone you will open browser and write and enter your apple id information. After completing the details you will be able to login. Sign up and select the option Find my iPhone tab. The port will open up and will show you a drop down menu from which you can select your lost device. After the selection of device tracking procedure will start automatically and if you locate your phone in the map, a signal will be sent to your device causing it to ring. So you can track your iPhone if it is in your home. If you still don’t find it you can activate lost mode or erase mode.

Erase/Lost mode

Erase mode will delete all your data and there are no chances of finding your phone. In lost mode you will enter a contact number, a password and a message so that if somebody finds your phone he/she can contact you on the given number. Another best option of finding your iPhone is through mSpy. mSpy is an astounding software that tracks location of your device through GPS an d provides you a chart containing details of your device. So it is highly recommended that you must install mSpy in your phone to locate/track your phone if it is missing.

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