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  1. The Threats with Skype

  2. Tracking Skype is Easy

  3. Choose SpyBubble, and You’re Good to Go!

It’s not easy being completely relaxed in today’s world, especially with the onslaught of smartphones that are making it so much easier for children to fall into trouble, employees to commit fraud, and couples to cheat on one another.

This kind of behavior is only made even more frequent thanks to social media and communication apps like Facebook and Skype. Giving the users a chance to call and message each other for free, Skype makes it very hard for people to trust each other, especially if you keep walking in on someone who hurriedly closes the Skype app on their phone.

The Threats with Skype

By far, the most used feature of the app is its free video calling. Children, especially young teens, can get carried away with things like these and it can lead to sexting. At a young age, being able to call your friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, while looking at them talk to you is exciting. This makes young children use such apps more often than they should, affecting not only their family life and studies but also leading to things like sexting.

Another threat with Skype is that your life partner might start using it to cheat on you. It’s not always easy to meet up with another person especially if you’re married, so Skype offers the alternative.

Tracking Skype is Easy

But worry not, because tracking your child’s or husband’s Skype usage is easy. Spy apps have made it very effective to monitor someone’s phone usage, and this includes being able to see what they are doing on Skype.

You can see who they are talking to, what they are talking about, and even see the other person through screenshots. You will have access to the phone’s contact lists and other aspects like phone calls and text messages as well to support your concerns, if you ever decide to confront the user.

Choose SpyBubble, and You’re Good to Go!

If you are worried that the app of your choice won’t be compatible with your phone, you won’t go wrong with SpyBubble. This app supports all recent versions of the iPhone, as well as Android phones as old as those running Android 1.0. Not many others can boast such compatibility, which makes this a very good choice. Other than these, SpyBubble also supports Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. With SpyBubble, you will be able to spy on every aspect of the target device, including all information regarding Skype.

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