What Phones Are Most Vulnerable for Hackers?

The phones and their softwares: is there any limit to this ever expanding universe? It seems not. Unfortunately, as good and vice, light and shadow grow together, so do the beneficiary users and the hackers of the phones. Now this is not a comfortable thought, but nearly all phones, provided they use online accounts, are vulnerable to the hackers.

Which Phones?

Till date, even though the vulnerability and the hacking episodes are on the rise, the major share of hacking has been done by the manufacturing companies themselves in an attempt to find and curb security flaws within their softwares. HTC and iPhone can both be hacked through viruses, which can be implanted into the phone through websites that the user might inadvertently visit. Other android phones, and possibly blackberry phones, will also be vulnerable, as long as they have an internet connection. Nowadays, however, the internet connections are being surpassed as SIM cards are starting to get hacked, and that is criminal to the extent of terrorism.

The Motive

The motive is hardly clear. Hackers have been known to simply intercept a data for the fun of it, or to blackmail the target in order to satisfy a grudge. However, the greatest motive is that of money. Why do something if you are not rewarded for it in cash? Hence, the access to emails and possibly the text messages may also lead to access to one’s account details, and a little fingering on the complex hacking tricks would yield the full details in order to withdraw cash.

The Safety

It is, nevertheless, reassuring to know that mobile hacking is not as common, nor as easy as the hacking of PCs. But with the trend on the rise, it is only a matter of time. For most of us, the protection against the hacking would mean installing antivirus softwares. For the companies this means the design of more and more complex security systems that are hard to crack, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.