WhatsApp Spy: Why You Need It and How to Use It

WhatsApp is on the rise, everyone uses it because of its convenience, speed, and safety. The creators of WhatsApp continue repeating that their messenger is completely safe, but is it truly so? There are numerous ways to spy WhatsApp messages despite the glorious end-to-end encryption the app advertises. Beware! As any other app, WhatsApp can also be hacked, and right now your chat with someone through WhatsApp may be easily spied on!

What is a WhatsApp Spy?

whatsapp spyIn essence, any WhatsApp spy represents a spy tracker installed on a device to monitor one’s activities and conversations. Once you start a new chat or have a new contact request, the WhatsApp spy on your computer will quickly notify the owner of spyware about that. Hence, no step will remain unattended: through the spy app, your hacker (be it a spouse, a cautious parent, or your employer) will view all chat conversations, will know the names and phone numbers of all your WhatsApp contacts, and will get time and date information about each chat. What is more, the hackers get access to all media content via a WhatsApp spy app and get photos, videos, and audio sent or received via your WhatsApp downloaded directly to their spying device. As a result, you may delete some content and think that it disappeared forever, while your hackers may have it stored for a variety of reasons.

How Do Hackers Get into Your Phone to Spy WhatsApp Messages?

If your hacker is a person with whom you have daily contacts, such as a family member, employer, or spouse, it is explainable how the WhatsApp spy gets to your phone, right? All of them can gain physical access to your phone at a certain moment of time and install the WhatsApp spy app on it to have an unlimited opportunity to spy WhatsApp messages you send or receive. But what if some distant hackers get access to your phone and conduct fraud by stealing your money or personal information? How do they manage to do that after all?
  1. A WhatsApp spy app can crawl into your phone through bonus voucher scams. Some companies like TopShop or Sainsbury’s offer vouchers for purchases, which act as scam and let hackers into your device.
  2. Fake WhatsApp closure notifications. WhatsApp spy can be installed if you follow fake notifications about closing WhatsApp if you do not share certain messages.
  3. Your account’s blocking notifications. Some hackers use messages about shutting down your account and urging you to take some action to confirm that you are actually using it, while in fact, it is a sure path for a WhatsApp spy into your phone!
To avoid being scammed by hackers and not to let anyone unfamiliar into your phone, make sure that you respond only to messages from authorized WhatsApp managers or programs. Always check the credibility of source before pushing any buttons and sending any confirmations; in this way, your WhatsApp will be strongly protected from spy trackers and apps stealing your data.