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Whatsapp tracking
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Read all WhatsApp Chats

Read all WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp has nearly 2 billion users and it is widely used by individuals and business across the globe. 70% of all text conversations happen right on this app. Your monitoring can’t be complete unless you carefully go through what your children and employees are talking about on WhatsApp. And TheSpyBubble is helping you stay informed by the minute no matter where you are!

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How to Track WhatsApp Messages Using SpyBubble

If you are a parent worried about what your child chats over the WhatsApp messenger or an employer suspecting employees to be using the chatting messenger for something really troublesome, tracking is indeed a great option for you to free yourself from all kinds of worries and ill thoughts troubling you.

What is WhatsApp? Why do you need WhatsApp monitoring?

WhatsApp is a most popular cross-platform instant messaging application meant for smart phones with an incredibly high user base. And as almost every next smart phone user has access to this instant messaging app, parents and employers are often found worried about the wrong usage of the application among their children.
Statistic: Number of monthly active WhatsApp users worldwide from April 2013 to March 2020 (in millions) | Statista
With a record processing of 100 billion messages on a daily basis, it already has left many messengers behind and since it makes it super easy to communicate and share files, most people are shifting to it from usual text messaging and other chatting messenger apps. If you are a parent or employer, you’ll surely get concerned over the app misuse issues or other damaging file sharing among the kids with smart phones. And often times, employees may use it to transfer company secrets and other information to others. This makes it really important to undergo WhatsApp tracking to ensure that it isn’t being misused.

Where exactly are the chances of misuse and how?

Like every grand thing on earth that has severe demerits in spite of hundreds of merits, this incredibly popular messaging app also has its share of demerits as it can be misused in several many ways. Some of the major misuses are –

Injudicious usage – Chatting while at work

If you have provided your employees with smart phones for official use with various chatting messengers and other apps present on it to make communication easier, there are chances that your employees start using the phone for personal reasons, which may or may not appear that bad but chatting for hours while at work and neglecting important tasks to complete can never be appreciated.

Messaging all the time, even at midnight

This troubling habit usually develops in kids, especially the teenagers who keep messaging all the time. Earlier, it was the text message feature available on the cell phones but with WhatsApp like applications, things are entirely different, it doesn’t require much money to spend and yet the communication through messaging or chatting can continue without any interruption. But messaging at midnight cannot be appreciated at any cost at all. First, it has wrong effect on the health. Second, it can be further damaging as it is difficult to make out who the child talks with once you retire to bed.

Communication with wrong people – Employees may talk to the competitors of their current company

Easier and uninterrupted communication encourages employees (though the unethical ones) to communicate with their company competitors and discuss things that they shouldn’t do under any circumstances.

Kids may talk to strangers – predators and criminals

This is again a dangerous usage of the chat messenger. Kids are pretty fast in befriending people and equally fast in sharing their phone numbers, and other contact details. Your tech savvier child may soon start using the chat messenger for communicating with strangers who can be dangerous predators or criminals.

Damaging File Sharing – Secret information leak

As it is possible to share files through WhatsApp, employees can misuse it for sharing confidential information through file sharing.

Obscene or inappropriate files shared

Pictures, audio and video files can easily be shared through this incredible instant messenger app, kids keep exchanging a lot of data. But kids are often found to be sharing obscene or inappropriate files that have damaging effect on their psychology.

How to Track WhatsApp messages

With an Advanced cell phone monitoring app like SpyBubble, it gets really easy to monitor WhatsApp messages and ensure that your child or employees aren’t misusing the messenger app.

All it requires is downloading the app and a simple installation after which every single message sent or received gets recorded for you in your password protected personal web account. You can then read any of the messages sent from or received on the target phone.

Wondering how exactly SpyBubble Works?

It gets hold of all the WhatsApp chat and messages along with the contact details of the people involved in the conversation and sends them right into SpyBubble servers from where the information lands up on your online user account after getting processed and you get hold of them by logging in.

So, it is not just the message or chat history that you get to read but also the complete contact details of the people participating in the communication which include name as well as the number.

The unique part is that you can read the chat histories and messages even when the user has deleted them from the phone. And since the information comes together with time and date stamps, you know when the messages were actually sent and how long did the conversation take place.

Advantages of Tracking

When you’re tracking a phone with WhatsApp spying software, you get to know about all the secret conversation taking place between the target phone user and the others.

So, you get to know who the user is communicating with and why; what things are being communicated about; what information is being shared; and what files they are exchanging. This information is dependable enough to know if your employees are really reliable or if your child is using the chatting messenger the safe way.