Why Call Recording Apps Are Illegal

People all over the globe use call recording apps and services for different purposes; parents use them to protect their kids from online threats like cyber bullying and employers use monitoring apps and services to protect their businesses and confidential information.

Why do you need call recording apps?

As mentioned above, parents use monitoring apps and services to keep their kids save from cyber threats. Nowadays kids own smartphones and tablets, and they love social networks like Facebook, Twitter and specially Snapchat. Although these social networks come with lots of advantages but they also put those kinds in danger as everyone can contact them as they are considered easy prey. On the other hands, companies secretly hire employees of their competitors to get their hands on confidential information. In both of these cases, it is parents and employers responsibility to take necessary step to protect their kids and businesses.

Why call recording apps are illegal?

In many countries including some states of USA, it is illegal to record phone calls without the knowledge of other parties. That’s why when you can a customer service it says, “For quality purposes this call might be recorded.” So, as a employer you must acknowledge your employees about their calls being monitored as well as all of the activities they perform on their smartphones and tablets. You can include this in the employment contract. Parents don’t have to acknowledge their underage kids for monitoring their activities.

How to use SpyBubble?

In order to install SpyBubble on the target device, you must have physical access to the device for few minutes as you cannot install SpyBubble or any other app remotely. After the initialization and installation process, you can control and monitor all the activities of the target device remotely via web portal that company provides.